Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why are we not naming them no more?

The reason for not naming the SPM top scorer this year is noble but weak. Saying that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses is nice, but lame. In one swipe, the DG has just insulted several batches of SPM students.

This implies that in the years where they *did* name the top SPM scorer, the top scorers didn't have any other strengths or weaknesses. It also implies that this year's top scorers aren't that good afterall, seeing the claim that no one was ahead of the pack. However, sometimes, you have to wonder why there is a change in policy.

Maybe it's because of the case of the 'top scorer' from Rengit, who was much hyped by the media as this year's top scorer, with 19A1's. Then, when the final results came out, not only did she fail to secure 19A1's, she didn't even come anywhere close. She must have felt extremely dejected. But there you go, never believe anything you read, not even when it comes from traditional mainstream media.

Maybe it's because this year's top scorer didn't turn out to be the person that people had expected to inherit the crown of last year's top scorer. When the media was hyping up the poor girl from Rengit, someone could have said something, to tell the media to wait for the official results. The ADUN who spent money putting up banners of permature congratulations, could've saved money and face as well.

Also, it's not like there were no top scorers this year. There were plenty of people with really good results and I'm sure that they have ranked the students accordingly. The DG even gave away the fact that they rank by raw scores. So, some have to wonder why they didn't name the top scorer. If there were more than one, I'm sure that it'll be fair enough to name them all.

But, maybe the ministry had realised that it's not a good idea to encourage the blind chase of A's. That's why, the DG has recommended that students take no more than 12 subjects (in direct contradiction to that said by the Minister himself). All this maybe, maybe. I don't really know why. Talking out of my rear-end again, as usual.

However, I'd like to congratulate everyone on their excellent results (whatever they were). To those who did really well, don't be complacent. The SPM scores are a good start, but they don't guarantee anything. We are not Spore. For those who didn't do as well, don't be dejected. SPM isn't the end of everything. You have many more years to go in your life. Make the most of it and pursue happiness.

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