Thursday, March 01, 2007

What does this all mean?

Wow, what does this all mean? In the last two weeks or so, Bill Gates has just dumped 7 million shares of Microsoft. Well, I'd always felt that the surest indicator that a founder is leaving is when he dumps all his stocks. So, I guess that's what this means.

Bill has already announced a long time ago that he would be out of Microsoft by 2008. So, I guess that it's really going to become reality. He is probably going to dump all or almost all his Microsoft shares before leaving and devoting his time to his foundation.

It's a good idea for a founder to dump his shares when he leaves. It means that he is making a clean break. Once he leaves, he leaves. He will want to have minimal or no hand in the dealing of the company. This is good for the people who are left to carry on in his stead. Especially if he has a great big looming shadow that they have to step into otherwise.

However, it may not be so good an idea for the company. Like I had said in an earlier blog, the best person to run a company is the founder. The other people who run the company often lack the necessary passion and drive. So, this might signal the beginning of the end for Microsoft. Once Bill leaves, they would lose a great figure and it won't surprise me if other people who were drawn to MS because of him, leaves as well.

So, what does it all mean? Nothing much really. Bill is just cashing out. He deserves it for doing a good job and making so many people rich. Oh, don't mistake my Microsoft bashing for Bill Gates hating. On many levels, I have a lot of respect for the guy. I'm hoping that he will kick some ass in the charity arena. Goodness knows that they can actually do so much more.

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