Saturday, March 03, 2007

What can I say about Ong Tee Keat?

I had reserved one blog today for this guy. I had decided against blogging about Greenspan for this guy. However, it turns out that this guy is quite boring. He didn't say much that was blog-able. All he did was to restate, in extremely *many* words, the things that the government had been saying all this while.

Things got off to a bad start when he took a very long and windy way of answering the first question without actually answering it. I was about to raise the point that 'the question has not been answered' when he finally got around to the answer. Thank goodness I didn't have to sound him on that.

I later rebutted his statement that we're all born 'equal'. All I said was: 'not according to Article 153'. Both he and Lee Hwa Beng immediately caught my meaning. I wonder if anyone else actually caught it. Readers of my blog will know that I have nothing against Article 153. What I have against, is people lying to my face that 'we are born equal' when we are blatantly not.

In fact, I found that Lee Hwa Beng, was the more interesting speaker. He had actually said a few things that were interesting and debatable. I had actually come into contact with this guy several times in my life and I've always found him to be an interesting character. He is quite usually straight to the point and I like people who are straight with me.

It was unfortunate that we had run out of time because I had actually developed a real question that I wanted to ask at the end. Since I didn't get to ask the YB the question during the forum, it was fairly unfortunate. I managed to get a few good pictures though. So, the afternoon wasn't a whole waste. Oh yes, the little doughnuts were quite nice as well.

PS. I'd even spotted him using the classic trick of not answering an uncomfortable question by answering another question in lieu of answering the uncomfortable one. I wonder if anyone else actually spotted it as well.

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Dan said...

hey, it's a politician talking, what do you expect? :P

have to nicely skirt the thin fine line, whilst giving the impression of a good answer. you can tell he's been doing this for a good while.

but you've got to give it to them for being pretty sharp about spotting what you're asking and nicely minding their words! :p