Friday, March 30, 2007

It isn't a durian if it's odourless!

Instead of blogging about the coming war in Iran, I decided that this was a much more important subject instead. If it's odourless, it is not a durian but is just a thorny green looking fruit the size of a football. I wouldn't want to eat anything like that.

I have always considered it a pride that we have such a wonderfully tasting fruit growing in our country. Every Malaysian has grown up eating durian. It isn't called the king of fruits because of it's size but because of it's superior taste *and* smell. Hundreds of millions of people cannot be wrong when they say that it has a wonderful taste.

I believe that the reason an odourless durian was made is to cater to foreigners who cannot stand the smell. However, what they fail to realise is that it's the unique and pungent smell that draws people to it. If not because of it's smell, it would just be another ugly looking green fruit. Nobody would find it interesting at all. I don't think that anyone finds a watermelon very interesting. It's green, smooth and round. It certainly tastes sweet, but isn't interesting at all.

One cannot really be called a Malaysian if one doesn't enjoy the smell of a durian. However, I do know of some people who would prefer an odourless durian. It's also mentioned in the article that such a durian wouldn't sell in Malaysia as people wouldn't buy it. I personally wouldn't buy it. If it doesn't smell good, it isn't a good durian. There is no point of having durian if you cannot stink up your whole home with the odour.

A durian is a durian. It is a wonderful fruit. There is really no reason for growing an odourless durian. It's like making odourless cheese. There is no meaning in having odourless cheese. Durians are meant to smell. Period. Why go mess around with something that isn't broken?

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