Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I would worry if I was innocent

Our dearest Prime Minister has decided to give some of his officers advice. Recently, a few senior government officials have been accused for abusing their positions. One has even been named as accepting RM 5.5 million bribes in order to free convicted criminals.

The PM has told them not to worry if they were innocent of the charges. One has to wonder about the thought behind the advice. Try to figure some out for yourself. I won't mention any here as it is not the point of this blog.

The point that I had wanted to make is: I would be really worried if I was innocent. I would be worried if I was accused of doing something wrong, that I did not do at all. I would wonder who was behind this 'fitnah' and why they were doing it. I would look around at all the people I know, and all the people I don't know, and wonder why is someone trying to backstab me.

I would also be really worried about my defense, as I would have no evidence to defend myself with, as I wasn't involved at all. If I was guilty, I would know exactly how to cover my tracks and exactly which tracks to cover. I can't imagine going into a court with the single defence that I have no clue about any of the information being said.

So, I would be well worried if I was innocent. And the fact that these senior government officials are still in office and going about business as usual, tells you that they're not worried. However, I'm weird, and I don't regularly engage in normal thinking. So, they're probably innocent, 'berani kerana benar' and all that.

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