Thursday, March 08, 2007

Clare Hall Formal and Break-In!

I went for a Clare Hall formal last night. It is now fairly evident why it is widely regarded as the *best* formal in Cambridge. It was excellent! Let's just say that if you have never been to Clare Hall for a formal, you really need to go. It is the *best* formal that I've had so far.

It might be a little difficult to get there though, seeing that it is a very small college. It only has around 100+ students. On top of that, all of it's students are graduate students. Surprisingly enough, I know three people from that college though.

Last night's formal started with pre-dinner drinks. I had a glass of champagne. I have been to many formals, and I can say that it's uncommon to get a glass of bubbly for drinks. Then, we found out that it was a 'wine tasting' formal. There were loads of good wine being passed around last night. Unfortunately, I didn't drink much. On top of that, we were entertained by the King's College choir with some very beautiful songs.

Our starter was very good. Even the bread was good and we each had several slices. The main course was duck, that was surprisingly well done. The dessert was a excellent pastry soaked in rum. We had a sip of muscat with the dessert. We even had cheese and biscuits as well, though I didn't have any. Post-dinner, we were given fruits and drinks.

After the formal, we had to sneak up to NewHall for a birthday surprise. We took a really round-a-bout route, seeing that the birthday girl was with us at the formal. When we got there, we were told that some silly undergrads had given the game away. Someone (who shall remain nameless) was seen cycling into the college and others were even let in by our birthday girl. But it is the thought that counts, I hope.

I finally got home at 2.30am. I got changed and prepared to go to bed. As usual, I will end my day by watching the BBC 10-o'clock news. When I turned it on, I was surprised that there was no sound. Then, I recalled that I had left my music on when I went out to the formal. However, seeing that it was already so late, I didn't think much about it and went to bed.

This morning, I thought that maybe my mind was playing tricks on me and that I must've shut off the sound and forgotten about it. Then, this evening, my housemate came by to tell me that he had called a porter out last night, to open up my room door and turn off the music. Ooo, mystery solved. So, I *did* leave my music on and someone else turned it off.

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