Thursday, March 08, 2007

But can it withstand floods?

It's nice to know that the SMART tunnel is made to withstand earthquakes, in a country that doesn't experience direct earthquakes. However, the question is, whether or not it withstands floods as advertised.

I would really love to find out if it does. This is simply because the government has refused to conduct a single flood test on the tunnel. They seem to have forgotten that it was built to divert flood waters out of the city centre. Being a tolled road was supposed to be a secondary function, that is only present in order to support the cost of maintaining the tunnel.

Until today, no one can say for certain, if this tunnel will actually divert the flood waters and whether it will survive the task or not. If I was a reporter, I would stake out the tunnel during the next rainy season and catch what happens during a flood. I'm pretty certain that it would be news worthy either way.

I really love how things are done back home. RM 1.6 billion is being paid out to people for completing a project without any deliverable guarantees. Let's just hope that the next major flood back home doesn't turn into a disaster. Then, our government will blame the gods for it because no one will take responsibility.

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