Monday, February 19, 2007

Why is my mood bad today?

I don't know why but I'm not in a very good mood today. Chinese New Year is supposed to be a happy day. I thought that I had started out the day happy, but it hasn't turned out to be that way. I kept asking myself why, and I may have come up with a plausible reason why.

My regression into a younger person has done me in. I'm beginning to feel the stress of befriending undergraduates. In particular, they are accustomed to taking me for granted. A lot of things have happened for me to think this way. And it's not a nice feeling to be taken for granted. Well, I cannot blame them for behaving that way since they're just kids anyway.

Anyway, we had our performance in front of Charlie Chan's earlier this evening. It was a decent performance. Certainly not one of our best, but good enough I guess. It was rather impromptu, made up on the spot as we weren't quite sure what the owner wanted beforehand. However, we did manage to accomplish the act and that made veryone really happy. The mayor was there, along with other prominent members of the Chinese community in and around Cambridge.

I managed to get a few decent shots. Most of the shots were quite blur as the lions kept shaking all the time. After the show outside, we put on a small 'blessing' show inside as well. All chinese businessmen seem to be quite superstitious in a way. Well, these are all age old adages, and who's to say that none of it is correct. Then, we had a good 10 course dinner.

I hope that a good night's rest will put me in a better mood tomorrow. Else, I pity whoever has signed up for mark-ups with me tomorrow. I wish them all the best. Happy New Year everyone.....

*** image is our lion jumping off the table outside Charlie Chan's ***


Katie said...

Wow, cool shot!! but aiyaa.... what a shame that i got the wrong leg up... >__<

Shawn Tan said...

yea.. that was probably the best shot of the night.. lion floating mysteriously in the air..

kuhan said...

dun tensi tensi
stress is not good