Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why am I still awake at this hour?

Simple reason. I've been feeling nostalgic for some random reason and I've been thinking about my ex. I wasn't thinking of her in a bad way (like I was a few months ago). It was all fairly detached. This could all be part of the acceptance stage. I can now think about her in a non-emotional way. I was just thinking about the things that made her special.

She was sweet, smart, capable, and strong. Sweet enough to break down the wall in my heart and make me fall for her. Smart enough to have been one of the six receipients of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia gold medal award. Capable enough to be doing very well in her career as a consultant. Strong enough to have been able to put up with me and handle me! Oh, and she can cook really well too! Haha!

So, some may ask, why did we break up then. No one will ever know the whole story. I doubt even we do. But just to double check, I asked myself if I had any regrets about it. I have none. We both know that it's over. The time that we spent together was great and I will always treasure those memories. Although we have both moved on, it's good that we're still friends. I certainly expect to receive a wedding invite in the future.

So, in conclusion, my ex was pretty special. I just hope that I won't end up comparing every other lady that I meet in my life to her. It would not only be unfair to them, but also stupid for me to do so. However, I think that some comparison would be inevitable. I'm only human. So, it's just something for me to keep in mind.

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Dan said...

cambridge girls can't cook! aaaaaaaa!!!

actually some of the first years can; they've been learning! jo can cook now!! :P

second years still crap...

Kuhan said...

I so agree with you. It's really hard NOT to compare. I know it's unfair and everyone is special in their own way, but somehow, she became the benchmark.

I need to get rid of the benchmarking pretty soon! Arghh!!!
(tell me if you find a way)


Dan said...

benchmarking is essential, otherwise you will end up with crap girls. trust me, i learnt that the hard way.

Dan said...

today no update! gasp!!

ash said...

welll, lets think about it this way, you're never going to know if the new girl will succeed getting over the old benchmark unless you go out there and date them.