Sunday, February 04, 2007

Who is Mr Tan?

I was working on my research project a few minutes ago, when I randomly recalled an incident yesterday. Someone actually called me Mr Tan! I guess that she called me that as a sign of 'respect' because she's my supervisee. Oooh, it made me feel all weird! Next time I bump into her, I'm going to get her to call me Shawn. That's my name.

She passed me some posters for the CCS play, dubbed, "The Butterfly Lovers", which will be playing next week. My supervisee, a nice sweet girl, seems to have one of the staring roles in the show. From the cast list, I would guess that she's the main supporting actress. I have no idea what the exact story is. Therefore, I cannot really be certain. She might be the devil fox for all I know.

So, I just visited their website a few minutes ago to have a look around. It seems that I actually know quite a few of the other people involved in the production this year. I know the producer, the script editor, co-director, stage manager, program designer, web master and my supervisee, of course. Hmmm. Now, I'm wondering if I should go watch it. The only problem might be understanding the words. My translation matrix only works for modern mandarin, not classical mandarin!

Oh, and this made my mind wander to whether I'd be able to get used to people calling my Dr Tan in the future. I think I now know why most engineers don't use their "Dr" titles on a day-to-day basis. It feels kind of weird if someone were to call me that. I'm so used to being called Shawn for so many years that it would be weird to hear someone call me Mr Tan, who is my dad or Dr Tan, who is my sister! Haha!

UPDATE: Figured out how to differentiate myself from my dad and sis. Just need to get my professional engineering certification and get an additional "Ir" in front of my name!

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