Monday, February 05, 2007

When will justice prevail?

The bulldog strikes again! The old man has still got it in him! This old dude has some serious balls on him. He still garners a lot of respect from around the world (hence, the Nobel prize nomination) and so, when he opens his mouth to speak, people listen. And he rarely says anything that isn't a scathing.

Our most respected former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir, has come out condemning Bush and Blair as war criminals. I don't think that either government will like what Dr M has to say, but then, there isn't much that they can do about it. Our Dr M is now a private citizen. He has the right to say whatever he wants. He seems to be less constrained now that he is no longer our PM. He doesn't need to care about repercussions except to himself. So, I imagine that he is just going to get more vocal.

He doesn't have the power to take any action but he just needs a platform to vent. And he is using his foundation as the platform. The whole idea of setting up an international people's court without any legal jurisdiction is a good idea. It will provide a place for everyone around the world to vent. Anyone who feels that they have been wronged by the powers that be, can go to this court to vent. Evidence can be presented and a verdict delivered. The court doesn't have legal jurisdiction to mete out punishments. But like Dr M said, it's not about the punishmen. That's not what it's for. It's for *venting*. Mr Bush always liked to say that he will be judged right by history. This court will hopefully help that judgement along.

And to avoid this from turning into a kangaroo court, he is inviting prominent and well known former international judges from around the world to sit on it. This will then lend an air of credibility to the verdicts delivered. However, they have yet to announce who these judges will be. I'm sure that some former judges will take up the offer to *vent*. There are bound to be a lot of former judges who need a platform to *vent* as well. Win-win situation then.

Dragging Bush and Blair through this court will be a good way of driving it. There is a clear target and the court will have little difficult in delivering it's verdict. Assuming that Saddam and Al-Qaeda are benchmarks for evil, these two people have already caused the death of more Iraqis than Saddam and caused the death of more Americans/British than Al-Qaeda. So, the quantitative evidence speaks for itself.

But the main thing gluing all of these together is our Dr M's respect. So, the thing that the US and British government may do to ruin this is to discredit our Dr M. However, if our Dr M *does* end up getting a Nobel prize, they're screwed. So, these governments may try to smear his name. Another thing that they can do is to discourage anyone from joining this court. Any action will probably be behind closed doors and not in public. They shouldn't be seen as battling a private citizen. It's conduct unbecoming of a government.

Our Dr M seems to be growing from a national statesman into an international statesman. It is surprising how much soft power he commands in this world. And all this comes from gaining the respect of people of the world. I wonder if there's any other world leader, still alive, that can command as much respect as Dr M. He is truly a great leader and a great Malaysian. If there's anyone who can get things done in this world, it is our Dr M. I wish him the best!

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Dan said...

damn. dr m is turning into one badass dude. let's all donate him a leather jacket and a harley. and a spikey helmet. that will be so cool.