Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What do modern women want?

Seeing that it's Valentine's day today, I thought that I'd start off with an interesting 'romance' article that I'd read on BusinessWeek. The article claims that modern women want different things than what we understand as a classic romance. I'll let you read the article for yourself.

I sent the article round to a few friends and collected some responses. The responses were generally gender based. The ladies would say "interesting" or something to that affect. The guys would say "load of cr@p" or "bullsh!t" and other things best left out of this blog.

A friend of mine also blogged about how Valentine's day is over commercialised. She claims that if a guy really loves you, he will treat everyday like V'day and put you on top of the world. However, I'm pretty sure that if the guy treats V'day just like 'any other day', she would positively kill him. That's the kind of illogical paradox that women have.

The article claims that women today want men who: (1) Can communicate well and establish an intellectual and emotional connection. (2) Can organise and plan things like dates and holidays. (3) Can perform domestic chores like cooking and cleaning.

All I can say is that, all that is true, but they would still like the man to get down on his knees and romance them in a traditional way from time to time. Another example of a paradox that women have. They want a guy who's both tranditional and modern at the same time. I used to tell a friend of mine that 'Mr Perfect' does not exist.

If I'm coming across as bitter, I'm not. Really. It's a fact of life that women are full of conflicting paradoxes. It just takes a certain special someone to properly reconcile all the conflicting paradoxes. [The ladies just hope that he's rich and handsome too! Haha!]

PS. Can't help but feel that the upper age limit mentioned in the article, 27, is an ominous sign. Haha.


Zen said...

I dunno, I don't feel like killing anyone. :D But then I get benefits from not celebrating.

Get well soon, Shawn Tan! We missed you at lion dance yesterday.

Gabriel Wu said...

It's called "wanting the best of both worlds".

They want to have their cake, and eat it too. (never really understood this phrase though - what's the point of having a cake if you cant eat it?)


Dan said...

hmm... mr perfect doesnt exist? i think otherwise. it's just that mr perfect only exists under either one of these conditions:

1) he is not interested in women
2) he has a strange mental problem
3) he is too busy working to earn money; by the time he does amass the wealth he accumulates, he would have lost his interest in women
4) he is not good-looking
5) the moment a woman finds 'mr perfect', she raises the bar for 'perfection', hence making the standard untattainable.
6) he is actually a jerk and is very adept at hiding his flaws. until a woman takes a bite.

ash said...

haha - daniel, you contradict yourself. Mr Perfect cannot exist under those conditions, because then he wouldn't be perfect :)