Saturday, February 10, 2007

How bad was the snow in Cambridge?

My dad asked me how bad the snow was in Cambridge. It seemed that TheStar plastered a picture of Buckingham Palace, snowed under, on the front page. So, my dad was a little worried about how bad the snow was in Cambridge. It wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was good enough to be fun.

Although it's true that the snow did wreak a lot of havoc throughout the UK, it is sad that it only snowed for two days and this was probably *all* the real snow that we will see till the next winter. It put a nice thick layer of snow on the ground, thick enough to build massive snow phalluses and have snow fights.

One poor kid from ARU actually got fined GBP 80 for building a giant snow phallus in Parker's Piece. It seems that there's some strange law in the UK that prohibits *any* remotely provocative and sensitive things to be shown in public. I would have just sounded off the kid and told him to break it down but then, what do I know.

The silly natsci malaysian, sporean and bruneian freshers had a massive snow fight at Downing site. They'd even made a small video of it. In case you didn't know, JinYang was the one behind the camera. He did the post-production work on it as well and uploaded it to YouTube.

As can be seen from my photograph, the snow kept falling and the weather was cold, for just the few hours. Then, the snow began to melt and that was that. I'm still sleeping with my windows opened. So, it isn't actually all that cold here. My room is kept at a constant 25C due to the presence of three heaters in my room [I've got a big room].

I like all the pictures that I took on that day. My photographs are visibly improving. I have my new camera to thank for that [of course, it helps to be a skilled photographer and gimper! hehehehe]. But no, it wasn't bad at all and was actually good enough to be fun.

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