Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Homerton Formal

This evening was the *first* and also *last* time that I had stepped into Homerton. It was pretty far south of town. But unlike Girton, it's at least inside Cambridge! We decided to share a cab to Homerton for a formal. The cab driver must've took us pusing-pusing. Cause the cab ride down was more expensive than I would've predicted.

When we first arrived, we wondered if we were at the right place as it didn't look like a Cambridge college. However, the college is quite nice actually. In contrast with most other Cambridge colleges, the centre of the college is nothing but green grounds. So, it looked extremely big and spacious from the inside. I also liked the architecture of the main building as well, for some reason that I cannot really pin down.

SuetVoon kept insisting on bringing us up to her room. Her room was about the size of my room in the first year, i.e. quite small. We were in for our first shocker when we found out that we weren't allowed to bring wine into formal. Wine would be provided. The reason that they did this was to control the amount of alcohol consumed during formal, which made sense. So, we didn't drink the bottle that I had brought.

As for the food, we were in for our second shocker. The starter soup wasn't bad. The main course was quite good as well. However, the vegetables were quite well burnt. I never quite understood how anyone could burn vegetables, especially if they were boiled. We once had burnt boiled cabbages at Ramsay, which still perplexes me to this day. The dessert was excellent though. The strawberries were huge and juicy!

After formal, she brought us around the grounds and showed us the different things around Homerton. It really is quite big. One thing that stood out during the formal was the bell. Instead of the normal gong to signal dinner, they rung a bell instead. Voon said that it was because the college was a teaching college. So, like a school, you ring a bell. Interesting story!

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