Monday, February 26, 2007

Controversy of Da-Vinci proportions!

This news had been simmering around the Internet over the weekend. I thought that I'd just blog about it today. It's an interesting bit of news that should interest at least a billion people around the world. It's controversy that surrounds Christianity.

"Brace yourself. James Cameron, the man who brought you Titanic is back with another blockbuster. This time, the ship he's sinking is Christianity." --- Time

So, that sets the tone of the news. It is from James Cameron. Doesn't make it untrue since he does a lot of documentaries. But would at least advise everyone to take the sensationalism with some salt and evaluate for themselves the evidence that he presents.

The documentary will centre around a tomb discovered 27 years ago in Jerusalem. The tomb was filled with 10 stone caskets. On the caskets, were carved inscriptions reading the names: "Jesua son of Joseph", "Mary", "Mary", "Matthew", "Jofa", and "Judah son of Jesua". Granted, that these names were quite common at the time. However, if the DNA evidence pins down the relationships, then, taken as a whole, the specific combination should be much less common. Supposedly, other evidence includes inscriptions on the tomb and the caskets as well.

Well, if this tomb is *really* the tomb of Jesus, it will dispell two major cornerstones of Christiandom. First, that Jesus, after his ressurrection "ascended to Heaven to sit on the right side of the Father". Second, "that Jesus fathered a child, when he was supposed to have spent his short life performing miracles, redeeming sinful mankind and generally fulfilling his divine mission".

Whether or not the story is true, I would think that the documentary, which will be shown on TV, would be a very interesting one to watch. For Christians who have faith, I guess that their belief should not waver. And for Cameron, I just hope that he has his insurance premiums paid up and he has bodyguards. I hope that someone posts it on YouTube so that I can watch it.

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weishen said...

Yes, this documentary will not shake the faith of Christians in God. Non-christians might find it interesting. I just hope Christians don't generate hatred and take it as neutral as possible.