Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All Alone on Valentine's Day

Must be the ghost of Valentine's past! Felt in the mood for some poetry. Jiwang. So, I decided to pen one today. I hope that you all like it. Nothing too fancy. I'm, afterall, but a humble engineer. Comments, if you please!

All Alone on Valentine's Day
by Shawn Tan

I'm all alone this eve, of lovely Valentine's Day.
It's finally hit me, today's not bright and gay.
When did I get here, I know not how to say.
I really want to leave, but I see not which way.

On this eve, young couples go out 'aflock'.
Declaring undying love, and some of wedlock.
Whatever comes over me, I dare not mock.
For I had also once, been placed on that block.

I wish them all the best, of happiness forever last.
Away all hurdles, may their feelings flow strong and fast.
In iron ore and stone, it really should be cast.
But love is so brittle, will sooner or later be past.

I am but forlorn, not really uttering a curse.
I do at times wonder, if my lips I should purse.
All alone this eve, It cannot get but worse.
Maybe I should heal, let my heart fully nurse.

But when the last word is said, I do not regret.
My decision to leave, to forgive and forget.
I'll just need to learn, if my heart should let.
Believing one sunny noon, love shall beget.


Dan said...

crap.. because of valentines day, now i have less time to do work and sleep. the two things i really need...

Peachicot said...

Sounds good! When are u releasing ur single=p?

Dan said...

haha. shawn lets start a musical band. you write the songs, play drums and piano, jo plays the guitar, jiahui sings and i will be the manager :P

Dan said...

where's my pointy hair?

Shawn Tan said...

manager's dun get pointy hairs... only bosses do!!

Dan said...

ok ok.. then we start a recording company... i am the boss :P

btw, can i borrow your "way of the weasel"?

Shawn Tan said...

must've been a good poem.. i got people telling me that it's:

1) tragic
2) funny
3) cute
4) sad

must've been so abstract that different people can interpret it differently!!