Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ooooh... France24!!

oooh... i just love french... and so, i love the new, france24, news channel!! it's like CNN/BBC, only in French!! hehe... love it...

----- >8 -----


Avis de tempête sur les Philippines


Les sommets de l'ASEAN et de l'Asie de l'Est ont été reportés. Une décision prise officiellement en raison de la tempête tropicale qui s'approche des côtes. Vendredi, la police enquêtait sur un possible attentat terroriste.

----- >8 ------

however, i do have some gripes, and i hope that they're just teething problems..

1) difficult RSS feeds... the only way to subscribe to it currently is via a round-a-bout way, using google reader... it doesn't allow me to directly add any feeds to akregator.. i had to add it to google reader... then, copy the feed URL into akregator via google reader...

2) ugly layout.. they should learn a thing or two about layout from the BBC... the france24 website quite literally sucks... and is a resource hog to boot... keep it stupidly simple (KISS)!!!

3) for some reason, i cannot get their video feeds... they must hate linux for some reason... now, if i could get the video feeds to work, i can brush up on "ma francais"...

hope someone fixes these problems...

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